I am officially moving into my new appartement this week which means, no personal life, a mess everywhere you look, and… no internet at home until the weekend…. i miss blogging but it is essential that i take care of this first ! I’ll be back soon !


En plein déménagement, et pas d´internet à la maison, j´èspère être de retour rapidement !


18 thoughts on “Update

  1. Oh, moving…what an upheaval. I hope it goes smoothly for you and I look forward to seeing your new place!!

    Don’t worry, I’ve been MIA as well.



  2. Oh okay, no wonder we haven’t heard from you for awhile! Hope all goes well with the new place, moving can be quite a tiring job:P


  3. Good luck with the move, packing and unpacking. As you know, I am in the middle of it myself and I find it incredibly stressful and quite boring too.
    How come you’re moving apartments?

  4. Good luck with the move! I completely sympathise with you, because I also just finished moving to a new apartment several days ago (the place is STILL a mess!).


  5. good luck with the moving!!! looking forward to see photos of the new flat 🙂 im soon moving too, but not before 1 of march, im exited!!

    yes, im ill.. so boring. been away from work for a month now!

  6. Eh bien tu en as de la chance ! Aller travailler à l’ambassade de France du pays que l’on aime et dont on pratique la langue c’est le rêve de tout étudiant !

    Et pour le déménagement, c’est là que l’on se rend compte que -en fait- on en a du bordel…

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