Back in the game

woooooooooooooooooooo im back !!!! it’s been so long i can’t believe it !!! i really missed blogging ! Soooo much happened in 2 weeks….

Ok so in a nutshell, we moved in to our new place. It took 3 whole weekends and it s not perfect yet but at least it looks like an appartement now. And i LOVE it, i am so happy about it, it’s so cute and i LOVE the location right in the middle of everything ! I just need to find a way to fit my 20 pairs of shoes and my million dresses…

I really wanna show the place but i rather wait till it’s done so here you can have a glimpse…

our first night in the appartement: Champagne and a memories book “our house”

some of the shots i get in every city i visit…

a little piece of home…

so much happened it’s hard to catch up in just one post but i’m definitly back now !

as for today, im sick 😦

And one more thing, thank you very much to all of you for still checked on me while i was gone 😉

Me revoilà, pour de bon cette fois ! Dans un tout nouvel appartement, dans le super quartier de Södermalm ! Voilà un ptit preview mais l’appart n est pas encore prêt à se montrer au public 😉

Juste heureuse d’être de retour

12 thoughts on “Back in the game

  1. So great that you’re back, Mo! And good to see that you’re nicely fitted into your new apartment, the champagne and memories book sounds perfect for the first night:)

    Get well soon!!


  2. Yay! You’re back! I’m so glad you like your new place! I think closet space is going to be a deciding factor when I move in June. It’s pathetic, but true! haha! Feel better soon!

  3. YAY!!!!! I’m so glad you’re back Mo!!

    So far, your place looks great! I can’t wait to see the rest!

    In the meantime, rest up and take good care of yourself.


  4. Woho, welcome back :))
    Cool that you buy shotglass everywere you go, nice collection you’ve got there. Boken om vårt hus, så koselig(mysigt) 🙂

  5. Aw Thanks ! And yey, awesome , hope the coach is great and you’ll soon start loving the gym ! 😀

    Oh, so exciting ! And the pictures are so cute ! And I know those shot glasses 😛

    Feel better dear !

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