i lost 30… cm

I know what you’re gonna say: whaaat? are you crazy why did you do this?

And all i can say is: it had been five years, i was tired of not having a proper hair cut and my hair was tired too and did not curl at all anymore, im so happy to have gotten my curls back !

Im not quite used to it yet, and even though it is still long for some people, i feel like it s suuuper short !

to refresh the memories:

well…it s gonna grow back right?

It is minus 18 here and still snowing…”the day after tomorrow” is becoming reality.

Et oui, j’ai coupé. Pas de regrets. J aimais mes cheveux longs mais je n en pouvais plus de ne plus avoir de véritable coupe de cheveux, et puis en plus, mais boucles sont revenues !!!

– 18 degrés ici, “le jour d’après” devient réalité !


17 thoughts on “i lost 30… cm

  1. Oh I love it! It’s super cute! My philosophy on hair is have fun because it’ll always grow back! haha! Good luck with the snow. It’s feels like Spring here. wanna trade? heehee.

  2. Mo, I love your new haircut! That was precisely the length that I wanted when I had my hair curled but the hairstylist insisted that I should keep it longer.

    Well, you look great and yay you got your curls back! Did you have a new hair colour too?

    Oh my goodness, why is it still so cold in Stockholm? Come to Malaysia haha:)

  3. Thanks ! 😀
    Oh wow, what a cut ! But I know how you feel, sometimes you just need that big cut, it’s good for you 🙂 And it does look great either way ! 🙂

  4. MO!!! I love it!! You hair looks so gorgeous and fresh and bouncy!! I adore it.

    Another thing we have in common, similar curls/waves!!!


  5. Tres magnifique! J’adore ton cheveux court 😀

    Just refreshing my French:P I think I might write you comments in my very simple and funny French from now on;))


  6. Oh, my, 30 cm?? Wow, that’s too much… but I lost more last summer, when I cut my long hair (almost like yours) into a Chelsea style, haha!!
    Changes are good, don’t worry about it… you look gorgeous!

  7. Well, if we were on facebook, I would say “I like”

    I am a convinced volume haired fan.

    It’s funny because here in Iceland all the girls are more or less blond with long straight hair so to be exotic they tint them in black and make it curled.

    Exactly the opposite of France^^

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