Inflyttningsfest !

Yesterday was the first time in my life i had a house warming party. In 24m2 it was a challenge but i think it went pretty well. I was glad to have my friends over. I just wish my best friends from France would have been here.

I got we got a very georgous Orchids from one of  älskling’ s friends. I hope i’ll be able to make it survive since im not that good with plants.

So for those who’ve been wondering how it looks here is our new place almost totally done (we’re still missing some drawers and stuff).

As you can see we managed to all (18) fit in the appartement for about 3hours !

Then we went to a bar called from the Boule Bar, it is the weirdest bar i have ever been to, there is tables and seats and then suddenly there is gravel everywhere,  foosball tables and spots to play Boules !!! CRAZY !

Ma toute première pendaison de crémaillère ! A 18 dans 24m2 ca restera un bon souvenir !!!!


14 thoughts on “Inflyttningsfest !

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw your bathroom filled with rubber ducks 😀 😀 So cute! Who’s the maniac – you or Dave (or both)?

    Nicely furnitured apartment btw. It’s always tricky with a small apartment but the bed with the table under it was awesome!

    You should do more videos! It was fun to watch 🙂

  2. Your apartment is so cozy! And I really love the adorable bathroom filled with yellow duckies:)

    Oh and your smiley faced sofa too!


  3. Congratulations on the new apartment! It looks so lovely and cozy despite being small! And I like how you’ve organized everything so well.

  4. une déco très canard en somme !

    hahaha les bouteilles d’alcool en haut du placard de la cuisine (moi aussi je les met là).
    belle collec de CD dis donc.

  5. Oh, that video was fun! I think that’s the tiniest kitchen I’ve ever seen! Your apartment is very cute- and I love the view from the windows onto the city! How cosmopolitan!

    Where does the ladder go?

  6. Mo, your new place looks so wonderful!! You two are great at getting settled in so fast!! The orchids are beautiful, such a wonderful housewarming gift.

  7. So cute! Ducks everywhere 🙂
    Sounds like great time in small place with great friends .
    I like that.
    Blogging it’s great …for sure your friends in France seen the movie and the pictures….I know it’s not the same…but..

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