Busy, beautiful and sad week

this week was great and sucked at the same time.

I took monday and tuesday off since it was älskling’s last week in Stockholm before leaving for Africa next weekend.

We did a lot for the appartement. And i finally got my eyes checked and got some lens !!

Then we made some Mojitos in our tiny kitchen !!!

Then on wednesday we went to the south of Sweden.

Kristianstad first for a student fair and then Lund on friday for a presentation about French Higher Education (pretty cool & stressful).

We took the train home on friday night and enjoyed the sunny saturday eating kannelbullar and drinking hot chocolate by the sea !!!

Tonight älskling left. he will be back in June. I’m so sad. I’m watching Friends, drinking tea and eating chocolates. Not helping.

8 thoughts on “Busy, beautiful and sad week

  1. Oh, Mo! I’m so sorry that you two will be apart! I hope the time flies by so fast!!!

    I’m here if you need a chat.

  2. Oh, dear Mo… cheer up!! You can count on me too… visit me and Laia at Barcelona, we’ll go party….!!

    Ah, dear, seriously, receive all my love and support! I’m sure you’ll meet soon; sometimes I think the world is smaller everyday!


  3. Oh dear Mo, needless to say I’m here to support you and encourage you till June comes! The bf and I have been having a tough time coping with the days apart and distance too lately. Hopefully this dry spell will be over soon!

    Hugsssssss, be strong!!


  4. Aw Thanks ! 🙂
    Oh, so sad he’s leaving. But you’ll be fine dear ! And yey then u passed where I live (lived).. well, I don’t live THAT south, but still ^^ Seems like u had a good time 🙂
    And yey for Friends- always cheers you up !

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