girls night out

just what i needed

we went to a bar called Vampires lounge

sucky music but awesome drinks

we were 5 girls and we tried 15 cocktails !!! (mostly rasberry once of course)

here is what i was wearing, nothing extravagant but it’s nice to not be wearing 2 sweaters for once !

knitted dress and marine jacket from Paris

and no i don’t wanna show you my boobs, just the little heart broche Crispin gave me 😉

first night without älskling…I survived….kinda.


7 thoughts on “girls night out

  1. Yay for cocktails! Glad to hear you survived your first night without your boy . . . Kinda. 🙂 Happy thoughts, hey!

  2. Of course, you will survive, we always do right? It’s better when you have your girlfriends with you to bring you on a fun night’s out and taste all kinds of raspberry drinks:)

    Love the heart brooch, so cute!


  3. Oh, that cocktails look amazing, Mo! Yummy! And what an adorable brooche!
    Raspberry for the win!! I’m glad you’re ok, cheer up dear!!

  4. vampire lounge? what a cool bar! lol. it’s an interestingly themed place. too bad the music sucked though. at least they made up for it with the cocktails. ;D

    i really like the jacket you paired with your dress (and the cute heart pin!).

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