I am soooo sore !! i can barely move  !  i went something crazy yesterday. I went to the gym before work, from 6h45 to 7h30 am !!!!! ( apparently swedish people do that)

It was a class called Body Pump and when i registered i had no idea what it was. Turns out they were using weights !!!  I got a little worried at first ( and btw, i had the lighter weights in the whole class and it was still too heavy) but turned out to be really fun !  It really woke me up and afterwards i felt really good ! The hardest part actually was to shower in front of everyone…. really not used to this.( Apparently swedish people do that too)

Here are some pictures of my week in Paris at the beginning of February. That’s my cousin Juliette, she is 11, she is georgous and i think she has soooo much style already !

annnd the ceiling of the Galeries la Fayette…because it’s pretty 🙂

9 thoughts on “bobo…

  1. hahaha la douche devant tout le monde c’était pareil pour moi en Islande et même en république Tchèque. Je crois que nous les français, sommes assez pudiques en fait. Mais bon, on est romantiques ou on l’est pas hein.

  2. I wouldn’t have been able to do it! Good on ya Mo!
    and your cousin, so adorable, before reading the post I thought that was you as little girl 🙂

  3. Aww she’s a adorable !!
    And yey body pump- I like that ! I used to go a few times back in sweden ! I remember first time- oh my god I was sooo sore !! haha, but then I learned not to have tooo heavy weights 😛

  4. She’s so pretty! I love kids with style, they make me happy!

    I took a 5:30am gym class once. it was three times a week and I wanted to die the first month, but after that I really enjoyed it. Good luck!

  5. heheh, its hard to work out in the mornings, i agree. its crazy! we do it in norway as well.. i did it for a while, but then i quit.. hehe.. i havent worked out for a long long time, just paying my bill to the trainingsenter, hehe. but i will soon begin again, soon 😀 (i’ve been saying that since september09,hehe).. but soon i will start again!

    sv: yes it’s my new flat, just moved in with my boyfriend, i loev it here.. but we havent bought all the funitures yet, have to buy a table and some chair to the kitchen 🙂 looking forward to buy it! 🙂

    have a nice friday night!

  6. This Swedish person doesn’t do that! 🙂 But other than in the morning, working out is awesome!

    Have a great weekend now.

  7. omg you went to the gym so early! i would never be able to do that lol. i’ve never been to paris, but i’ll be going in may! i’d love to see the glass ceiling–it’s beautiful!

    you and your cousin are adorable! i wish i was that stylish at 11. 😉

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