it’s today. Wanna go home. To Paris.

so…älskling left Sweden today… the boat is sailing towards Africa. Damn i woke up feeling miserable. I m off for 2 days and have no idea what to do. Im so confused. I hate not being able to reach him. Ever. He’s the one who can call. I can’t.

I so wish i would be home with my family. Have our weekend routine with huge breakfast, walking the dog, watching stupid shows… pffffff

So i bought myself a big kannelbulle, watched Extreme Make Over (and cried as always), and i think i might try to bake a quiche later.

today the cute Erica from Sweats and Heart left me a comment saying she was going to Paris for the first time in May, and i thought of all places i’m missing there. And i thought, why not share with you my favorite places in Paris?  I just through out the ones that first came to my mind now but i’ll be updating.

1) Food and Drinks

2) Stores

3) museums and monuments

  • Trocadero (make sure you arrive by Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower it’s the best view)


  • St Michel area with all the small restaurants where you can eat snails and frogs for 10 euros 😉 ,
  • the Ile de la cité with the cathedrale

  • the latin area
  • the japonese area rue st Anne by the opera
  • the Halles
  • the Sacré Coeur where you can seat on the stairs and listen to one of the numerous singers performing live everday, while enjoying the view over Paris….

3) vintage stores

Boutique vintage Mamz’elle Swing 35 bis rue du roi de sicile Paris 3e

Boutique vintage Mamie 73 rue Rochechouart et Mamie Blue 69 rue de Rochechouart dans le 9e

Casablanca 17 rue Moret 11e

La Belle Epoque 10 rue du Poitou Paris 3e

La Jolie Garde-robe 15 rue des Commines Paris 3e

Iglaïne 12 Rue de la Grande Truanderie Paris 1er

Falbalas Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen, Marché Dauphine,140 rue des Rosiers Saint Ouen ( Samedi – Dimanche- Lundi)

more to come 😉

4 thoughts on “it’s today. Wanna go home. To Paris.

  1. I’m so sad you have to join me in the lonely club…and I feel bad that you don’t have your family with you or that you’re back in Paris…I can only tell you that you will feel better sooner or later, hopefully sooner for you…Be strong, my dear! June is only 3 months away, we can do it:)

    I could kick myself for walking past Angelina’s but not going in for a cuppa! And I love Musee D’Orsay too, so beautiful…thank you for sharing this “Paris” post, I hope I get to go there again one day and explore the other places you mentioned!

    Hugs, hugs and more hugssssssss

  2. I’m sending happy thoughts and magical hugs to you!

    When at a loss for what to do, always pamper yourself. Paint your nails, watch friends and sing along to your favorite songs.

    Love this guide to Paris. One day I will go.



  3. I wish to go to Paris (one day I will. It’s on my list of things to do. Hopefully next year, fingers crossed!). And oh, extreme home makeover always makes me cry too! x

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