Brunch is my homeboy

I had a lovely sunday. Woke up around 10 and got ready for BRUNCH with my friends.  I had been advised the Café String just 5 min from my appartment. It was AWESOME. Just 65sek (about 6.50 euros) and a buffet of crêpes, jam, eggs, cheeses, ham, bread, cereals, tea, juices…in a great atmoshpere in comfortable chairs and couches. They serve from 10h30 to 1pm and the place is always full !

So we stayed there around an hour and then went around the corner to Beyond Retro

i liked the whole Alice in wonderland theme

then we decided to meet some friends for tea and went back to the café String 😉 I SOOO recommand this place if you every come to Stockholm !

At 5 i went to see a documentary called Eyes Wide Open: exploring today’s South America. It was in spanish subtitled in english so i got a little confused, understanding quite a lot in spanish but still reading the subtitle… anyway, It was good. really interesting.

Now it’s time for this:

I made it through my first weekend alone…


5 thoughts on “Brunch is my homeboy

  1. Oh, a lovely breakfast brunch is always such mood uplifter! I’m jealous, I want some of those crepes!!

    So proud of you making it through the weekend too, big hugs to you just for that alone:)

    I’m now under the Monday blues lol~

  2. Your brunch looks amazing…have you seen the movie Alice in Wonderland? You will LOVE it…a movie to see a second time for sure. Stay Happy sweet one.

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