Swedes call it spring

It’s been super sunny the past couple of weeks, but today, when i came home from the gym (yes i went back to the gym this morning), it was snowing.
I mean really? Was that it? Is it winter again?

Ok now i need to finish that Friends episode and run to work

Have a great day !


7 thoughts on “Swedes call it spring

  1. Haha! You’re more than welcome to my weather today. It’s nearly 90f. I even got a sun burn yesterday when I drove 1 mile with my window rolled down!

  2. OMG! Spring is coming!! And in Barcelona was snowing last week, as you could see! It’s crazy, but I’m glad that finally you could see a little bit of sun, Mo!! 😀

  3. It’s been really sunny here, but i just now we’ll probably get snow again. So I’m trying to soak up every ray of light I can.

  4. so random that you got snow! i wish we had even a little bit! i’m excited for spring. 😀

    and LOL at the captions on your picture! my favorites are “fake palm tree” and “typical swedish reaction to sun”. hehe.

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