Weekend was GREAT.  Went so fast though. As always. Saturday was soooo sunny and sunday sooo…snowy …at least my family got to enjoy both kind of weather !!  We walked a LOT, actually didn’t take the subway once. We went to Skansen, and saw funny animals, walked in Gamla Stan, shopped, of course and went to the ICE BAR !!! (AWESOME but more about that in another post).

I just got back from leaving them at the bus station and they had left awesome presents for me to find when i got back

a new M&M’s limited edition eastern package !!!

A new perfume !!! ( damn i love the commercial for that perfume !!)

now i’m gonna try to prevent myself from depression by doing this:

Thank you Crispin

8 thoughts on “Great.

  1. Aww, I’m glad your family were with you during the weekend, family always make the days better:)

    How sweet of them to leave you lovely pressies, I love my Miss Dior Cherie too, the advert is just too wonderful for words!!

    Cupcakes and Friends, what more could a girl ask for:P


  2. Aww so nice your family was there ! And ooo, I miss strolling in Gamla Stan. It’s so cozy 🙂
    And yey for those M&Ms ;D
    I’m glad you had a great weeekend !

  3. ah bah je vois qu’on est au moins deux a avoir une télé rikiki et toute carrée….”je lutte contre la diffusion en 16\9ème” haha.

    Pour Miss Dior, c’est Sophia Coppola qui a réalisé la pub, quand m’a soeur ma dit ça, je me suis dit “effectivement, cette lumière, cette douceur, c’est tout elle”

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