today was a bad day. Really stupid bad day. One hour at the gym and raspberry icecream did help a little.

Now the only two good things about today:

  1. i picked up my lens at the Optician and when i asked for them in Swedish, the lady said my swedish was good !!! (doesn’t matter that we had to switch to english right after that)
  2. My new petit BAG !!!! present from mom, it matches my coat PERFECTLY !


8 thoughts on “ppffff…

  1. I love the bag, Mo, is wonderful!! And congratulations for your swedish, even if you had to change into english!! It’s good you’re improving it!!

    Grattis & Puss!! 😀

  2. That’s such an adorable bag, I love that it has a big bow in front!

    And congrats on the swedish, I think you’re mastering it all right:)


  3. Congratulations on getting better at speaking Swedish and being able to talk it in a shop! I look forward to the day when I can do that in Hebrew. I love the bow on your bag!

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