For my parents’ birthday (february for mom and today for dad, happy bday dad !), älskling paid for the four of us to have a drink in the ICE BAR in STockholm on saturday evening !!!!  It was a big surprise for my parents  and Crispin and they loved it ! and so did i !

It minus 5 degrees in there, and you can only stay about 45 minutes.

You get a special cape and gloves, so we all looked like weird Santa’s helpers.

Absolutly everything is made of ice

and you get one vodka based cocktails …yummy !

It was GREAT !!! Thanks älskling !

6 thoughts on “the ICE BAR

  1. heyy!! i saw that bar in “the amazing race”
    i was pretty awestruck when i saw it.
    did your lips get stuck on the ice glass? 😛
    looks like you had fun 😀

    happy birthday mo’s mommy and daddy 🙂

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