last night we went out with some of my swedish class colleagues and it was really fun. One of them is from New Mexico and i realized how bad i miss the US and my friends over there….

But yesterday i was also thankful for being in Sweden. Swedes totally rock my world. I mean, they have an official Waffle Day for crying out loud !



9 thoughts on “Vaffledag

  1. I can’t believe it this is true… that’s why I want to move to Sweden, for having a waffle day and things like this, hahaha!
    By the way, this one looks delicious!

  2. Yepp I’m taking the toefl test :S I’m getting kinda nervous now haha.
    Oo I know right- a waffle day isn’t that cool ! 😛 I should have had a waffle yday 😉

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