Goldilocks is the bear

Yesterday night we went out for one of our friend’s last day , he’s going back to France today.  😦  Sad to see people leaving one after another.

We went to the Spy Bar, a club at Stureplan that i’ve heard a LOT about ! And is was super fun !! im not a club type of girl but i had a blast dancing on good music! Plus, God knows why, they gave away masks with bear and sheep faces. We all looked really weird 😉

i was wearing my black lace dress from Bikbok and the “belt” i made with a ribbon i got from the lovely Maria

Today i went to the gym and it felt great, im really starting to believe it is the way to prevent yourself from a hangover !

At 4 we’ll have a fika with my friends and then, laundry.

8 thoughts on “Goldilocks is the bear

  1. Your black dress, tights and black bear mask look adorable and intriguing. The nightlife and attendees at the Spy Bar looked interesting. I’ve found a foolproof way to avoid hangovers myself. I no longer drink. That doesn’t preclude me from making a fool of myself though, and I should exercise as you do. I’m sure it would help me feel better too.

  2. Wow you are definitely tough for goin to the gym even with a hangover, I applaud you!!

    And that is such a pretty lacy dress, just like a ballerina, I love it so much:)

  3. Tack söta du 🙂
    It’s soo sad when everybody is leaving- I know about it 4sure !
    And oo, yes Spybar is like “the place” to be haha, it’s like always in the magazines where all the “cool” ppl in Sthlm goes 😛 haha
    You look great too ! 🙂

  4. sounds like a cool place! yeah, the mask is weird but i like it lol. you look great in your black dress and i like the red ribbon ried around your waist–pretty! hope you had fun with your friends. it sucks saying goodbye, but it’s nice to just spend time with them i’m sure! 🙂

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