Vintage Mässan

Today, after the now usual sunday brunch at the String Café, we went to the Vintage fair at Hornstull Strand.

Here are the list of stores that were there:

59 Vintage Store
A. Marchesan
Ayla Danielle Kristina
Di Nuovo
Emma Loca
Humana Sthlm
Less is More
Little Shop of Fashion
Livsvinst Vintage & Second Hand
Lolux First & Second Hand
Maskerad & Vintage
OMA Vintage
Orkan Lia
Rost Vintage & Second Hand
Sonja Maya
Tanja Malo
Veras Garderob
Vintagebutiken i Vara

Ann Boycott-Brown, Annica Ramström, Christina
Holström, Elenor Bergqvist, Eva-Lena Almquist, Helena Öhman, Miklanders
Vintage, Mor och Dotter Roos, Mariana Ehrenkrona, Maria
Nordström & Niklas Hallberg, Miklanders Vintage,
Splendid Baby, Tant Ekologisk, Vintage by Kat

It was nice, some stuff were pretty cool

And i had an ENORMOUS crush on this pink vest ! i turned around it, i tried it, i asked for the price…but there were a lot of stains on it 😦 so i left it…

and since then i ‘ve been trying to convice myself that it was a good thing… it was…it was… was it?

But there is one thing:  i was a little disapointed while walking around all those cute stands…

why on earth are vintage clothes so freaking expensive?

I mean, if someone already wore the stuff, i really don’t wanna buy if for double the price it would cost me in the store…

am i crazy here?


8 thoughts on “Vintage Mässan

  1. No, I don’t think you’re cray, but then again I think maybe I am. 30 years ago or so I was in the middle of a multi-year spree of buying women’s clothes. I loved trying them on on the stores. Many many years later, a little at a time I would up giving away much vintage clothing to charity, and did sell a few items dirt cheap to a woman from a vintage second hand shoppe. Now, when I see the prices some vintage clothes fetch I’m bewildered as well. The colours of the vintage dress in the photograph above in your post are beautiful, and what a nice list of links to the stores that were at the vintage fair. No, I don’t think you should have gotten the vest with the stain. it’s a shame, but oh well. I will have to decide what to do with what vintage womens clothes I have that are too small for me, including the blouses which I only wore in the photos I posed for on my websites. I wonder if I should just do contest giveaways of some sort.

  2. Oh, the pink vest looks totally adorable! I love how it has some oriental feel to it, too bad about the stains really!


  3. Travaillant dans le marketing, le concept de “vendre quelque chose de vieux au prix du neuf” est un de mes favoris (avec “vendre quelque chose qui à la base était gratuit”).

    mais c’est peut-être aussi parce que sur le cercle de la vie je suis à l’opposé de “mode” donc ce facteur m’échappe quant à la rationalité d’un achat.

    mais j’y travaille.
    ma soeur m’a montré ça :
    et j’aime beaucoup.

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