miss him? wear him !

wooaa today was cool. So sunny ! Really felt like spring was on its way ! We had lunch in the park (home made salmon pie was awesome thank you very much) and when we left work it was still sooo sunny !!! People were sitting outside bars and coffee places… i LOVE it !

on a totally different subject, i miss älskling. And i found a great way to feel closer to him. Don’t tell him but i stole a shirt.

oh and one more thing, today is lovely Anna from Much Love’s birthday, and for her birthday she is giving US a great present !! check her blog’s out !


10 thoughts on “miss him? wear him !

  1. You look pretty in it even though it’s a guys shirt. I don’t think he’d mind, because you love him, miss him, and just wanted to be closer to him. That’s sweet.

  2. you look so good in the “boyfriend-wear” look!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post 🙂 Btw, I just emailed you about my blog button.


  3. Flea markets are awesome 😀
    Ooo, that sounds soo nice, and salmon pie– yummm ! 😛
    And uuu look great, the shirt suits you ! 🙂

  4. Aww, that is a great idea to wear his shirt! I might have to steal a shirt from the bf when I meet him in June too:P

    So nice to hear the sun is out for you!! Take advantage of it!!


  5. I think you look really cute in your boyfriends shirt:) When my boyfriend is away and I have to sleep alone, I always borrow his pillow;)
    Thank you so much for your cute comment, my break from the blog has lasted a bit longer than I thought… But I’ll tell you when I’m back:) Happy Easter!

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