no i didn’t

went to the gym this morning,  3rd week in a row, and didn’t even hurt THAT bad this time. I’m becoming one of them ! (them= swedes that have a life before 7am)

work was work.

In the evening; don’t tell Crispin but I had a movie night with my friend Alice. The movie was Twilight. Yes. I did. I saw it.

After reading the 2 first books last summer and finding them incredibly boring and ridiculous, i had decided this frenzyness around Twilight was not for me and i made fun of Cripsin. A lot.

But 2 weeks ago i saw “Remember me” and i found that Edward/Robert guy not so disgusting after all so i decided to give it a shot.

Turned out not too bad. Definitly not an awesome movie but definitly better than the book. As soon as Alice gets the second movie we’ll have another girls night.

When she left i gave her some french magasines my family brought last weekend. I have like a  billion !

Ok tomorrow, i’ll tell you i didn’t like Alice in Wonderland. I figure, 2 or 3 more posts trashing out girls favorites movies and books…i should lose my readers in about a week  😉


5 thoughts on “no i didn’t

  1. Wow! That’s an interesting bunch of magazines you have there. I wonder how you would answer the questions in those quizzes they have. Being a relatively new follower of your blog I haven’t gotten to know your likes and dislikes yet, but the nights out with the girls sound wonderful. Only 23 and going to the gym? You must be looking and feeling fantastic.

  2. Oh I really wanna watch Remember me!

    Haha wait till you watch New Moon, even I had difficulties suppressing all the giggles at the ridiculousness of it all:P

  3. How’s ‘Remember Me’?
    I saw the trailer and RobPatt looked better here than in any of the tiwlight saga.

    Mo i want you to be my gym buddy, I think i’m getting Freshman five, i’ve been neglecting exercise :/

    and ooh lala lookit them magazines =9

  4. lol, don’t worry, i’ll still be a reader i’m sure! ;D
    because, well, i hate twilight too (and i read 3 1/2 of the books. i’m surprised i made it through them because i thought they were terribly written. not to mention the movie…ugh).

    ooo i like all the magazines! i figure i’ll try to buy a bunch when i go in may. 😀

  5. Ha, I’m glad you finally saw it! I think New Moon is a better movie than Twilight.

    Oh, I love surrounding myself with magazines.

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