finding your way home

first of all (hum, hum): “April April din dumma sil !”

Apparently that’s the swedish traditional song for April 1st.

Another cool thing about becoming a swede, it seems like the days before a red day are red days as well ! Today, people started to leave the office at 12 !

I left at 4 and went shooopping. I bought tights and a beautiful summer dress at Bocus, i’ll hopefully be able to wear it this weekend !

I sent away älskling Bday present today. His birthday is on the 6th…i know it will arrive too late though. If it ever arrives. im a little confused about how it’s ever gonna get on the boat…it’s a little like a bottle in the ocean …

älskling and i on our way to Poland last spring. We through 2 messages away…

guess what? I’m going hom tomorrow ! Im gonna stuff myself with Easter chocolates at my grandparents, it’s gonna be AWESOME.


9 thoughts on “finding your way home

  1. I hope the mail works extra fast for you and that interesting people find the messages in the bottles from last spring. Have a wonderful Easter at your grandparents’.

  2. Hmm, Swedes seem to have the best kind of traditions!

    And the message in a bottle thingy is so romantic, I wonder if your messages reached anyone!

    Have a great Easter day, enjoy my dear:)


  3. lol, good to know i’m not the only one who collects strange things. it’s fun to know you have a duck obsession! hehe.

    hope you have an awesome easter! can’t wait to see your new dress. 🙂

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