red and white….again

I think i have a crush.

On the color red

last weekend when my friend Dine was here we went shopping (meaning i tried on stuff and she patiently waited and gave great advices like “buy it”), i found this dress at BikBok, then in the next store, Gina Tricot i found the matching earings and later that day in a second hand store i found the perfect belt to finish the look…

i m allowed to follow the “Marin” tendance, my bf is in the Navy !

Bouhou to the stupid Volcano who decided to wake up and prevented my friends from visiting this weekend !

13 thoughts on “red and white….again

  1. The reds in your outfit match perfectly and are a lovely colour. The dress, tights and belt look beautiful. Too bad the volcano in Iceland nixed your friends visit, but at least everyone can see how pretty you looked on your blog.

  2. oh your belt is amazing!! i love nautical things and this dress/tights combo. so much red! i need more red in my wardrobe.

  3. i like the colour red.
    red and white stripes = yummm. liking the anchor belt
    and i love your new look, the short hair looks good on you 😀

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