go green

It was earth day yesterday right?

Ive been a bad blogger lately, don’t understand how i manage to go out every night ! It’s great cause i never used to be like this but it’s also exhausting !

Maybe i m always out cause my appartement (that i love) is  tiny ?!

Because of all the dust Island is sending us we’ve been kinda “stuck” on our side of the sea for a whole week and my friends couldn’t make it last weekend… and apparently it’s not looking good for my other friend today 😦


6 thoughts on “go green

  1. Oh, Mo, it’s so sad that the dust is affecting all of you. I read at Sandra’s blog that her flight to NY was cancelled 😦 I hope all this things ends soon!

    By the way… gorgeous red dress, it’s awesome!!

    And yes, here in Catalonya is like if we had 2 St. Valentine’s days, haha! And today is the Book’s day too… so awesome!

  2. You always look great in colourful tights, I wish to try that look one day:)

    And I hope the dust settles down soon, it’s making huge problems for travel plans everywhere!


  3. moooo how are youu?
    i love your dress!
    and i’m totally jealous about you being able to go out every night.
    Finals are coming up 🙂

    shame about the volcanic ash, but it looks like you’re having tons of fun! 😀

  4. Oh I know! That volcano dust caused so much chaos! Some of my friends couldn’t go home for weddings and some other family commitments because of it, which is such a shame!

    Hope you’re well, dear;*

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