on tuesday i went to Göteborg, the 2nd biggest city in Sweden, for work. I gave a presentation in a high school. Was pretty cool. I had already been to the city once last summer, and since it was just for a day i didnt really have time to visit.
But in the evening my collegue and i went to the opening of the Vetenskapfestival (science festival). It was sooo cool ! We did some fun experiments, then we went to the Universeum, a great museum/aquarium. Really beautiful and fun place !!

We had wine and “amuse bouche” in the biggest aquarium i have ever seen, they had an arche and we had a huge shark over us !!!! quite scary !

I was wearing my “giving a presentation in front of kids 3 years younger than me” dress

oh, and i got sooo disapointed when i learned that Jane Goodall was the guest of honor of the Festival last year !!! I was this close to cry ! she is like my living heroe !!  If i never mentioned it here, i ADORE monkeys and more precisely, GORILLAS !


9 thoughts on “Göteborg

  1. Hi my friend…just checking in…have not visited for a while…I LOVE Jane Goodall too…I so want to live with the gorillas. Hugs to you today. xo

  2. hope your presentation went well! ^_^
    that aquarium looks so much fun!! i love going to places like that. i like that you poked your head through the huge shark arch! haha. and i have a weird love for monkeys/gorillas too. they’re just so cute. i’m jealous that you got to hug that big one! lol.

  3. Aww youre swedish is awesome now Mo ! 😀
    Yey, Göteborg is such a nice city ! Hope you had fun, and that the presentation went well too !
    Such cute pictures too !! ^^

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