Happy US day ( lite för sent)

what a bad blogger i am  !

On wednesday, April 28th it was our Happy Us Day !

älskling and i have been together for 3 years !

I can’t believe it’s been that long !

Since he is away stucked on a boat i didn’t expect anything special but a phone call and a message on facebook, or maybe a letter.

I got all this. And more.

I was sooo surprised and soo happy !!!

So thank you so very much  and  “happy Happy Us Day” älskling !

7 thoughts on “Happy US day ( lite för sent)

    such a unique way of saying anniversary, it’s like it’s all yours.
    and kudos to alskling :).
    by the way does alskling mean anything? i’ve always been curious (if you don’t mind me asking) *blush*

    i’ve been well Mo! i’m finally done with finals and omygoodness freshman year is overr 😦
    i feel so old. *sigh*
    can’t believe it’s been a year already 😀

  2. 3 years! Congrats to you both, Mo!! I’m so excited to see you received these lovely flowers, he’s truly such a sweetie!! Hang in there, June is near:)


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