friday 30th of April not only was the 64th bday of the King, it was Valborg. Valborg is a pagan fest celebrating spring.  (heard that spring? we are celebrating you, would be kinda cool to show up now).

It is also, as we’ve heard, the biggest student fest ever (with Midsommar). And the place to be was apparently Uppsala. So to Uppsala we went.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere and the mess there. It’s a carnival / home made boat race / music festival / most giant picnic ever

It was crazy !  So crazy that in the evening we were too tired to go out and watch the bonfire at Skansen so we stayed home and played Monopoly City. Did you know they don’t sell the actual Monopoly? The good old one that anyone knows how to play and where you don’t need to have a PhD and read a swedish instructions book !


4 thoughts on “Valborg

  1. I know about this festival! I’ve got some wicca friends who celebrated it too, and looks gorgeous!
    Spring, come on, go there for my lovely Mo!!

  2. what a cool festival to celebrate spring! and wow, there are tons of people there. i hope it was fun.

    lol @ the monopoly thing. i haven’t played the original one in forever (doesn’t matter, because i always lost anyway 😛 playing the swedish version/monopoly city would probably be even worse for me!).

    also, i have an award for youuuu!

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