sweets & hearts

i received an award yesterday ! From lovely Erica 😉   Tack sa mycket as they say here !

I was really touched as it is a “Stylish” award and i still have difficulties to consider my blog as a “fashion blog” eventhough that’s where i was planning to go at first !

so 5 random things about yourself?

1) i’ve recently started to feel…old.

2) as long as there is cake i will not stop eating

3) i feel pretty lucky with my life lately

4) the person i bought my bed from painting naked ladies under it and i think it’s pretty cool !

5) i do not have 5 things to say about myself which is pretty sad…

I’ll pass it on to :

Regine and Laia

Good night !


13 thoughts on “sweets & hearts

  1. Just checked out Eric’s blog. Very nice! Congratulations to you on your award! Now maybe i should check out Regina and Laia’s blogs too. Hmmm – five things about oneself? i feel old too, i have trouble stopping eating a good pie, i love wearing, modeling and being photographed in full briefs, i would love to have a lot of comments on my blog and be famous, and it’s fun reading yours.

  2. Oops! sorry about the typo – i meant to write Erica , not Eric (sorry). i’ll be more careful next time. You do have a Stylish fashion blog!

  3. it was fun learning more about you! i like #4, hehe.
    and hey, even though you may “feel old”, you definitely don’t look old! 🙂

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