questioning – Europe – äntligen solen

Lately i had that weird lack of inspiration for my blog. It really bugs me cause i don’t wanna stop. I just don’t feel into it…what’s with this?

anyway, the photo uploading is working again so let’s try to start were we left on….

As…not so many people know actually, May 9th is Europe Day. 60 years ago, one of the European Union’s funding father, Robert Schuman, was presenting his idea of a better Europe.
For that event i got the privilege to stand on a stage in the middle of the Central Station at 8h am to talk about my job !!!!!! It was actually super fun !

A couple of friends visited me the last  2 weeks and we had an AWESOME time ! Especially that spring is finally here !!

3 weeks ago now we took a trip to Vaxholm, the biggest island of the archipelago

was really nice

and super yummy

6 thoughts on “questioning – Europe – äntligen solen

  1. So glad to see that you are able to upload photos again – and that the ones you uploaded are fantastic. I did not know about Europe Day. You looked great on stage there at Central Station. That’s a beautiful photo from the water of Vaxholm. Those cakes and pies do look yummy.

  2. It’s good to see you back here, Mo! So, you had a stand that day? I’ve worked in stands and yes, it’s so funny!! 😀

    Let me know if you like some of the groups I posted on my blog, dear!

  3. Jumping WAS so much fun ;D
    Oo, I had no idea that there was a europe day ! How cool ! 🙂
    And the second picture is so beautiful !

  4. Wow, you get to tell the whole world what you do! I’ll be half scared to death to do that, you’re so brave:)


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