previously on Mo’s life

Last week 2 great friends of mine that i met in the US visited me. We had an awesome 4 days weekend that can be summed up to the following:

  • all kinds of cookies, hot chocolates, smoothies, muffins and cupcakes

  • hours of shopping

love that pic cause you see my friend Delphine in the back 😉

  • cuuuuuute babies

i finally got to see the baby bears (isnt there a real english word for them actually?) when i arrived they were not born, in winter they were sleeping…3rd time is a charm !

  • fun fun fun

Gröna Lund’s amusement park in the warm saturday sun was awesome ! we also got to see MANBOY but that’s another story and i would need a whole new post to explain MANBOY.

  • and drinks with more friends!


7 thoughts on “previously on Mo’s life

  1. I love this days with your friends, it’s great that you had so much fan!! And yaaaaaaaw, Gröna Lund!! I want to go there if we visiti Stockholm this summer, yaw for it!

  2. I’m really happy for you that you had your friends coming to visit you – that must have been terrific! Again, you look super cute in your short ‘do, and the stripe dress you tried on is wonderful.

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