food, fun and sun

(it means “Do your weekends suck?”)

Hell NO !

Life under the sun is so wonderful !! When you have known a 6  months long winter with minus 20 degrees, every second spent outside with more than 15 degrees is paradise !

Last weekend we spent a lazy lazy saturday at Haga Parken ( where the queen to be Victoria and her husband to be Daniel will live after the wedding), we had ice cream and, you won’t believe it, we studied swedish !!

On sunday it was American brunch day ! Gosh yummy yummy ! Didn’t eat such awesome pancakes in a looooong time !! Too bad the surrounding in that place (Sirap) is not really cosy

Yesterday was our friend Romain’s “fake goodbye party “, fake cause he will be back in a month !!  But we always need a good reason to eat super fun stuff ! He had made a sweet/salty theme menu and had added raspberry on the apetizer ! No need to say i ate half of them by myself !


10 thoughts on “food, fun and sun

  1. It is indeed a beautiful time of year and nice to know that you are enjoying it, especially on the weekends. Ice cream in Haga Parken sounds delightful and learning Swedish at the same time? You must have a wonderful mind. The pancakes and the appetizers do look delicious.

  2. I totally hear ya, once it’s sunny and a little hot you HAVE to be outside if you live in sweden.. it’s like an unspoken rule ! haha

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