taking it easy

loveley 3 days weekend under the sun of Stockholm…unfortunatly, time always goes by too fast and it’s alredy monday.

This weekend a lot happened in Stockholm. First of all, it was the Smaka pa Stockholm festival meaning “Taste Stockholm” which is a food fair at Kungstragarden.

As you can see, my theme was “Strawberry” , the bag i got at lagerhaus here and the cardigan is Crispin’s she got it in London.

It was aslo Stockholm’s marathon. And the final of the Rolland Garros Open with Söderling against Nadal.

We…we were just taking it easy at Gildas rum

It was also Sweden’s national day on Sunday.

And, lately, you can see this in the street of Stockholm:

To celebrate the end of highschool, students gather up in a truck, wearing almost nothing, drinking a lot and screaming like hell.



5 thoughts on “taking it easy

  1. That’s really weird haha! Why do they do that?

    I love your strawberry outfit and the bow in your hair, it’s all so shirley temple:)


  2. omg, i love your strawberry outfit (no raspberries? hehe)! it’s super adorable. and i don’t know what you’re eating but it looks delicious.

    and i don’t know about that student tradition…lol! so random.

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