In the photobooth

weeks and weeks ago it was the first Kulturnat in Stockholm: museums were open late and had fun art shows going on.
A really cool thing was at the Moderna museet. They had a photobooth and 2 questions:

– what makes you happy?

– What makes you unhappy?

And we had some fuuuuuuuuuuuun !


(we decided on a food theme. Lök means onions)


and if you’re wondering why it doesn’t make any sence it’s because we just wanted to spell out Make Musik STHLM, the big event my friend Alice is working on !

3 thoughts on “In the photobooth

  1. The facial expressions the three of you were making in the “unhappy” photo are priceless! Since you included the link with the second “happy” photo it makes perfect sense. i’m sure if i’d taken two unhappy and happy photo-booth photos, the “unhappy” would have been me pouting and pointing to the small colour selection in a panty advertisement, and the second would have been of me smiling and showing off the backside of my favorite Rose Pink full brief panties for the photo-booth camera (the panties i’m male-modeling in this short YouTube video)with a sign saying “my favorite panties”.

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