I spent the weekend in a Disney movie

So this weekend was THE wedding. The wedding swedes ( and me) have been hearing about for months and months !

My mom, my sis and my grand pa were there. And we had a blast. I did not expect to see them at all. But we did. 3 times !

The weather was lovely, and cherry on the cake, i totally spoke swedish to at least 3 people, and totally understood Victoria’s speech.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the queens and princesses dresses on tv….

I can’t believe Madeleine was wearing that ugly blue feather dress btw

I got a lot of adorable presents from my family and of course Crispin made a bunch of cookies that i now have to go and eat !!!

5 thoughts on “I spent the weekend in a Disney movie

  1. aww how cool you got to experience that ! and wow mo, im so impressed by your swedish ! cant believe how much u understand ! Awesome 🙂

  2. Wow! You got a couple of fantastic photos of the Royal Couple! How wonderful that you got to see them three times. Glad you had a blast, were there to enjoy the historic moments, and had that nice celebratory atmosphere to enjoy.

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