Midsommar, 3rd and last episod

After a wonderful day on the Linanäs (hi hi hi ) island we packed our stuff and went back to the harbour to wait for the boat.

Yeah. We missed it. We missed the last boat of the day.

After 10 sec of panic we decide to make the best of it. We found THE b&b of the island. They had 2 rooms left for 5 people. Lucky.

Turned out, it got even better !  We discovered th island and it is gorgeous !

We had a nice night and in the morning we had breakfast on the pier by the sea !!!

the best weekend i had in a very very long while


for those who wonder: we made it to the boat on Sunday 😉



Midsommar derniere partie. Disons simplement qu’un concours de circonstances (surement champagne + soleil + sieste) a fait que nous avons raté le dernier bateau pour STHLM et que le weekend n’en est devenu que plus génial !


9 thoughts on “Midsommar, 3rd and last episod

  1. Oo that would be so fun with a fika ! 🙂 during my month here I’ll probably go up again 🙂 I’ll def let you know !! 😛

  2. You look fantastic in the photos on all three of your last posts. i have been reading and enjoying them. Sorry i haven’t commented until now. You looked great in a bathing suit in an earlier post and fabulous in the pretty summer dress you were wearing in this one. Love that dress. It looks like you had a great time in some beautiful spots. 🙂

  3. Oops! mistyped my blog URL in that previous comment – sorry. Again, i love reading your posts and seeing all the beautiful photos you’ve included.

  4. ohh wow! it’s so beautiful there!
    and i love your dress. so summery 😀

    what a nice holiday. breakfast on the pier and everything. glad you enjoyed yourself!!

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