you know you’re swedish when?

So i had a flash today during lunch break.

Im getting used to some swedish habits.

There is one that really  struck me when i first arrived, guys, and people in general, do NOT speak to strangers in the street. Guys do not look at girls, or if they do they are really subtile about it, they do not come to them and start chatting.

Not that i get a lot of that usually, but being from Paris, you get comments at least once a week (usually not the smartest ones), and people come up to you once in a while talking about God knows why.

So when i first arrived i was really surprised to see how people act in the streets of Stockholm, i guess that’s what make us (people from the “south”) say that nordic people are “cold”, which they are not actually but for that you need to get to know them. Anyway, im losing my point here which was:

Today, in a store a guy came up to me and started with: ” i am sorry but you do not look swedish, so i wanted to talk to you and ask you

And my answer was: ” no, i am not. And you must not be either, because a swedish guy would not come up to me like that”

I was quite surprised that he came up to me, and even more surprised to be surprised if you know what i mean.

Anyway, for those who are not lost with my rambling and who cares, he was indeed, not swedish.

I had another awesome weekend in another part of awesome Sweden and i can’t wait to tell you about it but it’s getting late so more about it later !

In the meantime here is what i wore last friday, and my new “Carrie” shoes as i call them


aujourd’hui j’ai réalisé à quel point on s’habitue facilement aux “coutumes” d’un pays, sans s’en rendre compte. Un mec m’a abordé dans une boutique ! oui et alors me direz vous. Et bien ici ca ne se fait pas. PAS. JAMAIS. Les garcons ne regardent pas les filles (ou alors très subtilement), ne les arrêtent pas pour leur proposer un café ou leur balancer quelques phrases un peu lourdes mais qui finalement font toujours du bien à notre petit ego. Non pas que je sois sollicitée toute les deux minutes quand je suis à Paris, mais ca arrive. Ici. RIEN. donc je m’y suis faite. Apparement. Car quand ce garcon s’est approché en me disant:

“désolé mais vous n’avez pas l’air suédoise alors j’ai voulu savoir…” je lui ai répondu ” non, je ne le suis pas, mais vous non plus car les suédois n’abordent pas les gens comme ca”

rien a voir mais j’adore mes pompes “carrie”

8 thoughts on “you know you’re swedish when?

  1. Those red shoes, yaaaaaaaaw ❤

    I know what you mean with this; it would be strange for me at the beginning to, but I think I would get used like you… I wish one of these days I could say this for real, I want to move to Sweden so much!!!!

  2. The account and explanation of your encounter was not confusing at all. i found the revelation about the different customs in Sweden verses in France when encountering strangers to be very illuminating.
    The red flowers on the shoes are very pretty and your matching toenail polish is beautifully done.

  3. It’s nice to see that you’re so used to swedish life now!

    I love those carrie shoes, how very raspberry-ish:)

  4. Hahah and I was shocked in Paris when guys kept commin’ up to me asking me to join them for coffee etc… 😉

  5. It’s sooo true, what youre writing.. thats why I love the US so much…. even if I’m alone for a week I still talk to like 100 people haha 😛

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