ooookey, so tomorrow night i’m going to FRANCE !! I’ll be staying at my oncle’s place for a week with my whole family for the 14th of July and it is gonna be pretty awesome !!!!

I did not have a whole week off since Xmas, damn im gonna enjoy this one ! Hopefully the weather is gonna be as AWESOME as it is here right now.

This is exactly how it’s gonna be…ice cream on the beach, my aunts amazing cakes and pies, fruitsalads and evening drinks !

(present from mom last time she visited, i am IN LOVE with this bracelet)


Enfin en vacances ! Je n’ai pas eu une semaine entière depuis Noël. Je vais la savourer celle ci. Une semaine en famille en Bretagne, ce qui veut dire: glaces sur la plage, gateaux et tartes de mes tantes, salade de fruit et drinks en soirée… mmm


10 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS YES PLEASE

  1. Have Fun Mo!!

    and what’s not to love bout the bracelet? it’s got candies, ice creams and raspberry i assume? adorable! 😀

  2. Enjoy sweetie, you deserve some rest!!
    The bracalete is gorgeous, I would be i love too with it, hehe!!

    And about your question: no, I’ve never been into Stockholm, but it’s an obsession I’ve got since I was a child, seriously, I’ve always wanted to move into Stockholm since I remember!!!

  3. the bracelet is just adorable!! Enjoy your stay in France!

    Have you entered my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse? xxx

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