ah ah got’ ya !

I’m probably on the beach right now or at a market place somewhere…but i thought it would be nice to keep posting about stuff that happened before i left.

On the weekend of the 4th of July, my friend Ro and i decided, kinda at the last minute, to rent a car and drive up north. We spent 2 days driving around sweden stopping when we were seeing something pretty or weird…it was AWESOME !

So that’s where we were:

Sigtuna where we saw very very old churches from the 12 century and Sweden’s longest street

Gävle, where we had lunch and learnt about the weird and not so old tradition of building a giant straw goat every year around Xmas and the whole country takes bet on how long it is gonna stay up until someone burns it.

We also happened to kiss posters with Eric Saade on it because lets face it the kid is gorgeous.

in Rättvik we rented a room, swam in the Siljan lake, had a picnic on the longest pier i’ve ever seen, and enjoyed a vintage american cars meeting

In Tällberg, we had waffles for breakfast in an old style hotel

we drove to Falun and went 65 meters down in the copper mine that used to be the biggest copper mine in the world till in closed down in 92

Then we stopped in Sunborn where we visited Carl Larsson‘s house (extremly famous swedish artist who made amazing drawings) it was so so so so great and pretty !!! i want the SAME house

on the way back we came across the weirdest hotel restaurant complex called Dragon Gate….it was like being in China for a few minutes

And we ended our trip with a diner by the river at Uppsala.

Amazing weekend.

4 thoughts on “ah ah got’ ya !

  1. Oh my, these looks fantastic!! Mo, you cannot imagine how jealous (in a good way of course) of you I am; I wish one of these days I would visit all those places too!

  2. It looks like you’re doing well.. and so pretty in your skirt! Love it.

    Ps. the new design is awesome 🙂


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