i have 9 sisters…

what’s great about having 13 cousins and among them 9 girls, appart from the fact that they are AWESOME, is the fact that the oldest ones always bring mountains of gorgeous clothes and then we trade  !!!


My cousin Olivia fell in love with my london dress

and i had a big crush on her Australian dress…




Today after work i went to the hardest and longest bodypump class with the craziest trainer ever.

It was awesome.

At one point he asked something and i assumed, with my broken swedish that he asked if it was our first time in his class so i raised my hand…and he started talking to me.

When he realized i didn’t speak swedish (still don’t 😦 ) he started translating the exercices… so nice of him. And at the end he said i did good.
I don’t know if i was but it felt GREAT. Im exhausted.

Just watched a show about giving birth that makes you wanna get your tubes tied so now im gonna relax and watch So you think you can dance !



Le bonheur d’avoir 9 cousines avec qui partager les joies des essayages ! Je profite des trouvailles australiennes de ma cousine et elle porte mes frippes suédoises et londoniennes.

Ce soir je suis allée au cours de BodyPump le plus long et le plus dur de ma vie d’athlète (oui oui). Et le prof le plus taré. Lorsqu’il a pris conscience de mes capacités linguistiques limitées il s’est mis à traduire les exercices en anglais. Sympa. Et il m’a félicité à la fin. Voilà qui  motive !

Je viens de mater un documentaire sur l’accouchement qui vous donne envie de vous faire ligaturer les trompes dans la seconde, je vais donc décompresser avec So you think you can dance! maintenant. 

5 thoughts on “i have 9 sisters…

  1. Your cousin is as beautiful as you Mo!! I only have one sister who doesn’t like clothes, so I can only imagine how amazing it must be to have all those girls in your family.

    Lulu Letty

  2. Isn’t that one of the greatest thing about having a sister/ cousins in your case? You get to share clothes! Thankfully I have a sister who has the same clothing and shoe size as me:)


  3. Your fashion swapping sounds like fun. You already look great in your photos and i guess with training like that bodypump class you are making sure you stay looking fabulous. Those dresses from London and Australia are pretty.

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