what makes you happy today?

this morning while reading Maria’s blog Lululetty,  i noticed a little sentence she wrote in one of her answers to readers’ questions. 

To the question ” […]do you have any days when you feel insecure about your body or looks?”

She answered: Loads of them. But it’s best to remember that it’s mostly in your head and that you’re actually incredibly lovely. You have to be your own cheerleader and shake yourself out of your funks. Besides no one is perfect and sometimes it’s those imperfections that make us unique and one of a kind.

You have to be your own cheerleader

This might sounds ridiculous but that sentence totally made my day. I found it so adorable and at the same time so full of truth.

Thank you Maria. This made me put of a lot of stuff into perspective today. Now that i wrote it down, i hope i’ll remember to be my own cheerleader when things are bad.  Have a great day evening everyone!

5 thoughts on “what makes you happy today?

  1. I cannot be more agree with that. If we don’t love us, no matters what everybody would say… so it’s great being our own cheerleaders!!

    Anyway, I think you’re a gorgeous person, Mo; and btw, of course I’ll meet you if I go one of these days to Stockholm… if you heard about a job for me, just tell me and I’ll move in a while, haha!

  2. I read that too and thought it was so wonderful!!

    p.s. Don’t be scared of buying clothes online, there’s always a first time for everything hehe!

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