Polar Circle…

im going to Abisko for the weekend tonight !!

I was in France when my friend asked me if i wanted to join him, i said yes and he took care of everything. And now it’s time to pack. So just to be sure i check Abisko on the map. I mean i know it’s high up in Sweden but how high can it be? Wait a minute, is that the Polar circle? Are we passing this thing?

So FWI, it’s gonna be 5 degrees. I can’t even picture what kind of clothes you need for that. Well i could but that mean i would have to remember moments that i totally bolcked out of my mind from last winter.

So hey girls, if im not back Monday it’s because i froze to death on a trail wearing my “Carrie” heels and a summer dress.


Ce soir je prends le train pour Abisko !  Un ptit weekend avec Ro et une de ses amies. Bon, je n’ai réalisé que récemment que cette ville était située au dessus du cercle polaire !

euh, ca veut dire que je prends quoi dans ma valise? j’ai peur.

Si je suis pas de retour lundi c’est que j’ai gelé sur place en tenue d’été.

6 thoughts on “Polar Circle…

  1. You are very brave to be traveling that far North. i have heard of Lappland before. i hope you are being careful and make sure there is a backup in case a snowmobile breaks down. Are you good at skiing and did you take skis with you? What an adventure!

  2. you’re doing a lot of traveling and adventuring too!
    5 DEGREE WEATHER?? i have no idea how i’d pack for something like that. i don’t even have any appropriate cold weather clothes, at least not really.

    sounds like it’ll be fun though!! something new to experience. 😀 hope you have an amazing time, mo!

  3. I have been away from the blogging world for a little while but I’m so happy to be back now… I missed your blog greatly!

    Did you manage not to freeze? hehe

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