i planned everything except the time to do it

i suck. Im going away for 2 weeks tomorrow evening and i m freaking out thinking of all the stuff i have to do till then. I wanted to plan some posts and i didn’t have time 😦  Hope you won’t forget about me while im in Irland and France !

Abisko was GREAT btw, i’ll tell you about it when i get back !

See you on August 15th !


Je suis noyée sous les fringues en train d’essayer de faire ma valise, j’ai tellement de chose à faire avant mon départ pour l’Irlande puis la France que je n’ai pas pu prévoir de posts 😦

Abisko était génial, je vous raconte le 15 !

5 thoughts on “i planned everything except the time to do it

  1. i’m so glad to hear that your tip up above the Arctic circle went well, that you didn’t freeze, had a good time and got back safely! You certainly are adventurous and the photographs you post are lovely. Whenever i think of Ireland i think of Enya (and of shamrocks and Saint Patricks Day, of course). It looks so pretty when i see it on the Public Broadcasting System program “Out Of Ireland”. Hope you have a wonderful time there and in France too.

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