back & gone again

im home for a few hours, leaving for the south west of France soon.

Just wanted to say “im still there” and “Irland with the family was pretty cool  (and wet)”


We shopped like crazy. I blame it on my friend Flo who lives in Dublin and introduced my to Penneys, and on the weather.  

oh yeah, and, despite my negociations with whoever is in charge of that, i did turn 24 on July 30th. I got super spoiled which made me forget for a while that im not ok about it.

4 thoughts on “back & gone again

  1. Oh happy belated bday ! 🙂 🙂 (my hostmom was born july 30th as well ^^)

    Yeah, I know, i’m so sad now that the embassy denied my visa.. can’t believe it… 😦 they just said that they thought i was still gonna work for my family, since I planned to stay with the same family, and my hostmom was gonna pay my tuition for school, so they said no, even the second time, when I had gotten an apartment and my own money! blehhh :/

    Supernice outfit tho 😛 and cute hair

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