“That’s some hot love you gave me”

ok this time im back for good i promise.

I know i was away for sooo long but i have a very good excuse. älskling was back for a 3 weeks leave. And we got busy. He’s leaving tomorrow for 3 more months so i m back. With so much stuff to say i don’t even know where to start.

But first of all, a HUGE thank you to Lilija and Cia who still gave me an beautiful blog award eventhough my blog was in a coma for 3 weeks.


So i’m suposed to pass it on to 7 other bloggers and tell 7 interesting things about me…I don’t know about the “interesting” part but here it is:

  •  It’s been 15 years and im still laughing out loud at most of the jokes in Friends (doing it right now)
  • I got such gorgeous shoes in Dublin i actually use them as decoration items in my appartement
  • After 3 years i was able to communicate with älskling’s mother for the very first time a week ago (she doesnt speak english)
  • About 3 years ago i decided i can t have Nutella anymore (seriously i was eating a huge jar a week) and i kinda replaced it with honey…not sure it’s better for my health though
  • I can’t buy any love story movie anymore since i saw The notebook. Except maybe 500 days of summer.
  • I learned how to play poker last weekend
  • my favorite disney princess is Sleeping beauty

I’ll pass it on Elisabeth (welcome back), Princess Liberty, Erica, Victoria (hope you’re doing better) , Sher, Libertad and Ariella !!

Glad to be back ! Now i have to catch up !  


Blog dans le coma pendant 3 semaines, älskling était en permission et repart demain matin.

Entre temps j’ai tout de même eu le plaisir de recevoir un award pour mon blog 😉

Je dois raconter 7 choses interessantes à propos de moi, interessantes je ne sais pas mais voilà:

  •  Ca fait 15 ans et je rigole toujours aussi fort aux blagues de Friends
  • Les chaussures que j’ai acheté à Dublin sont tellement belles que je m’en sert de déco 
  • La semaine dernière j’ai pu communiquer pour la première fois en 3 ans avec la mère d’älskling (elle ne parle pas anglais)
  • Il y a 3 ans je me suis interdit le Nutella (serieusement ca devenait dangereux) et je l’ai remplacé par le miel…pas certaine que ce soit meilleur pour ma santé…
  • Je ne crois plus aux films d’amour depuis que j’ai vu “n’oublie jamais”. Sauf peut être 500 days of Summer 
  • J’ai appris à jouer au poker le weekend dernier
  • La belle aux bois dormant est ma princesse préférée

    4 thoughts on ““That’s some hot love you gave me”

    1. Ooo, that’s why you were gone!! Naughty naughty:)

      Glad you had some quality time with your man! We’ll be here when he leaves!

      p.s. I still laugh my heads off whenever I watch old episodes of Friends too. Why couldn’t the show go on forever?


    2. That obviously much needed three week leave sounds like you both used it very well.
      Congratulations on your Beautiful Blogger Award from Lilija and Cia and thank you for sharing the seven interesting things about yourself. What is Nutella? I love the movie (and book) “The Notebook”. I also love “Love Actually” and parts of “Serendipity”. Thank you also for the links to the other blogs. Being a vegetarian I know I will like Elizabeth’s blog and I was already following Sher. I like the theme music from “Friends”.

    3. The shoes as decorating items… I trully get that. Shoes makes me happy. I actually dream about having a glascabinet showing of some nice shoes.
      I don’t have room for it or it would have been a reality a long time ago.

    4. welcome back (and thanks for tagging me!)

      sleeping beauty is my favorite disney princess too. i think she’s also the prettiest! hehe. plus, she had fairies to help her out. can’t get any better than that.

      so you were a nutella addict? i totally support that because nutella is amazing lol.

      i like playing poker! i used to play with my friends (for candy though, not money).

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