Eat Pray Love

(or drink)

(yeah got bangs again)

i m so behind with updating my blog i decided i won t follow any chronological order and just blog about whatever i wanna share at the moment.

And right now, in about 3 min, im gonna go to bed and finish EAT PRAY LOVE by Elisabeth Gilbert, one of the best book i read in a VERY long time.

I have no words to describe that book. It is so…deep…and funny…and ridiculous….and smart…and romantic…and true..

It makes you wanna understand stuff, makes you wonder, makes you wanna learn more about yourself, makes you wanna travel (more than you already did), it makes you wanna discover stuff you never thought you cared about (like religion), it tells you that it’s ok to eat 3 ice creams a day or 2 pizzas for lunch and feel good about yourself (as long as they are from Naples)…. It is such a lesson of happiness. I think i wanna read again it right away. And im not even done yet.
They’re gonna release the movie here soon with Julia Roberts. Don’t think im gonna like it though. Loved the book too much.


Je suis à deux doigts de finir EAT PRAY LOVE d’Elisabeth Gilbert, un des meilleur bouquin que j ai lu depuis bien longtemps.

J’ai pas les bons mots pour décrire ce livre. Il faut le lire. Le vivre. C’est drôle, emouvant, ridicule, fascinant…c’est un livre qui vous donne envie d en apprendre plus sur soi même, qui nous fait s’interroger, nous donne envie de voyager, encore plus loin, nous fait nous poser des questions sur des trucs que l on pensait ne pas etre pour nous…nous dit que c’est ok de manger 3 glaces dans une même journée ou de se tapper 2 pîzzas à midi (à partir du moment ou elles viennent de Naples) et de ne pas culpabiliser.

C est une lecon de bonheur.

Je vais peut etre le relire direct.

le film avec Julia Roberts sort bientot. Je ne peux etre que decue


7 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love

  1. Maybe that will be the next book I download.
    (I have the book in my IPod and listen to and from work)

    I think it’s a movie with Julia Roberts too.

  2. I’ve been planning to read that book, ever sinc I saw her on Oprah (if i recall correctly)…need to order it soon 🙂

    are you going to watch the movie?
    Books are always better than their movies, no exception. 🙂

    good to have you back mo! 🙂

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