Man Boy

Ok, so i need you to be very indulgent towards me with what’s following…

Since the Eurovision song contest last May (for those who don’t know the Eurovision song contest is, well a song contest in which every european country sends a singer selected either by national vote like in Sweden or mysterious selected by God knows who, like in France). Every year, in the capital of the last year winner a big show is broadcasted all over Europe. Call it tacky, call it pathetic, call it ridiculous… I think it’s hilarious and i love it. 

Anyhow, here in Sweden it’s a huge deal. before sending someone to the Eurovision there is the Melodifestivalen during which they get to select their representative, and this year, among them was Eric Saade.  The kid is 20, the kid is gorgeous and more importantly, the kid sang and danced on “MAN BOY”  under a shower on stage.  For some reasons that im not even gonna start discussing he did not win. Some other stuck up girl got sent to Oslo…and well let’s say it was embarrassing.

But from this day, Man Boy became our anthem and since STHLM is not that big and the kid became huge over night we started seeing him everywhere !

Yesterday was his last “concert” of the year at Gröna Lund, the amusement park of STHLM and we were of course there…surrounded by extremely loud and shameless 13 years old. It was worth it. The kid is great on stage.  The shower was there as well.

At 9 pm it was already over (little girls have to sleep tight) and we were celebrating with a cookie dough ice cream when we saw a line by the stage… turns out he was there all smiling all signing t shirts, posters, arms and bellies. So we got in there, pushed around grabbed him and we totally used the “french” card on him. Which worked.



Pour la faire courte, hier c’était le dernier concert d’ Eric Saade (notre chouchou heureux perdant du Melodifestivalen qui choisi le representant suédois pour l Eurovision) à STHLM. Autant dire que nous y etions, entouré de jeunes demoiselles hurlantes nous arrivant sous les épaules.
Le gus est super bon on stage.  Il nous a même refait le coup de la douche sur scène.

Après une petite Ben&Jerry’s pour fêter ca nous avons pu tester une fois de plus le pouvoir de “we are french” 😉

8 thoughts on “Man Boy

  1. Oh, he looks so cute! I need to check out his songs now because he definitely appears to be so much better than the girl (who I can’t even remember) Sweden sent. Haha, and using the French card sounds awesome 🙂

  2. I’m a huge fan of Eurovision Contest XD and I’m sure I would go there for the show with you if I was in Stockholm, hahaha! So funny to read about this!

    Maybe next year I’ll be there for this ;D

  3. eh bien moi j’aime beaucoup l’Eurovision, je n’en manque pas un et j’ai (presque) pas honte de le dire.
    En Islande , c’était aussi très pris au sérieux, même que les chansons des différents participants passaient à la radio.

    2 belles françaises comme ça, je suis sûr qu’il a été plutôt intimidé ce garçon…
    Moi aussi le “I am french” me donnait un apriori très positif quand j’étais à Uppsala !

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