If i could start over…

I would study to be able to work with and study gorillas. They fascinate me. For my bday älskling took me to a huge animal park, Kolmården. It was amazing. I sat for 2 hours just watching the gorillas.

(yes, he is peeing)

But we also got to see other very cool animals and to do a Safari !!!!  We actually had a pretty close encounter with a Girafe. That was AWESOME !

I wanna take this opportunity to thank älskling again. But also to thank him for not making fun of my weird passions and to suprise me, always.


La surprise d’älskling pour mon anniversaire. Le paradis des gorilles. Moi qui en suis folle. C’était extraordinaire ! je suis  restée des heures à les observer. Puis nous avons fait un Safari ! Et rencontré une girafe de très prêt !!

Merci älskling !

4 thoughts on “If i could start over…

  1. Hahah jag fick Kålmorden i 30årspresent…Vem har sagt att det är för barn? (Föresten föredrar du att jag skriver på engelska?)

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