ett år i Sverige / a year in Sweden

Yesterday was a special anniversary. I moved to Sweden exactly a year ago.  OMG everything that happened since September 16th 2009. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. But i also can’t believe it’s already been a year !!! It’s the longest i lived in another country.
I had swedish class from 6 to 8 so i had time to process the fact that after a year of studying that language…i still can’t speak it. How frustrating. I feel like giving up sometimes. But i promised myself i won’t leave Sweden before i can speak Swedish.

Over all it was a great year. I moved in with älskling, i started a new exciting job, i survived my first minus 20°c winter, learnt to know and love STHLM, i made awesome friends, i lived alone, i traveled around, i celebrated midsommar and got stuck on an island… and there are still so many things for me to do. Spännade !

On a total different note, but not that different cause after all, i’m going the distance, on tuesday Ro, Alice and i went to see “Going the Distance” with Drew barrymore and Justin Long. I didn’t really know what do expect but if they do a movie on long distance relationship, i HAVE to see it. I LOVED it. And suprizingly, it was incredibly funny. Not funny “ha ha” funny “laughing for 5 more minutes after the joke is over”.
It’s official i have a huge lesbian crush on Drew Barrymore.

Ok, time to start my “one year plus 1” day !!


Hier ça faisait exactement un an que j’étais en Suède ! Le moment pour les mises au point, reflexions sur le passé et l’avenir .-)

une super année finalement, tellement de choses ont changées depuis le 16 septembre 2009, pour le mieux. Encore au moins un an et tellement de choses encore à découvrir !

8 thoughts on “ett år i Sverige / a year in Sweden

  1. Has it really been a year? You’ve had a great adventure and I think you’re so brave to embrace so many changes in this one year!

    I had to watch Going the Distance too lol! Guess we LDR-ers think alike. Drew Barrymore is just awesome, isn’t she?


  2. Congratulations for your first year in Sweden, I’m so happy and proud of you, dear! And don’t give up with the language, I’m sure that if you try a little bit more, you’ll be able to speak it properly.

    And thank you for your huge advice. Finally, I’m staying in Barcelona, because due to burocracy papers the other job was a little bit complicated, and leave Barcelona without having it for sure… well, that wasn’t the point. So I’m staying here, I’ll start the Barbie Store work, some swedish classes and I’ll try to save some money, so maybe in a year I could move there, as I always wanted 🙂 My 30th bithday would be there, I must try it!

  3. wow has it already been a year?!!
    well here’s to many more to come MO! 🙂 🙂

    i have to watch that movie!! i’ve been a fan of drew barrymore ever since Charlie’s Angels

  4. Vaddå inte flytta från Sverige innan du lärt dig svenska?… Varför skulle du flytta överhuvudtaget…
    OK så jag är kär i Paris… Men Stockholm Ja Stockholm är fantastiskt 😉

  5. If i had only my own surroundings to go by i would say that it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by already since you moved to Sweden. Looking back at your blog at least you have some idea of where your year went. You had a very interesting year! i hope the coming year is just as interesting and enjoyable.

  6. Oh hurrah! I saw Going the Distance preview here, and I thought it was hilarious too! Congratulations on making it a year in Sweden 🙂

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