one last one

last saturday was the very last day in Sweden for my very good friend Ro. After a year in Sweden he is moving back to Paris. It’s gonna be super tough without him around.
On saturday we went one last time all together to the SpyBar… the music sucked sooo bad, but we were together and that’s all that matters.

I wore a dress Crispin gave me. 

Sunday lazy Sunday, watched Music and Lyrics, im definitly “gay” for Drew Barrymore, and so not “gay” for Hugh Grant.

My friend Alice cut my bangs yesterday . It was needed right?


Samedi soir, toute dernière soirée de Ro. Wooo le cafard.
On a fêté ça au SpyBar. La musique était nulle mais on été ensemble c’est le principal.

Dimanche plutot grosse flemme, visionnage de “The comeback” avec Drew Barrymore et Hugh


8 thoughts on “one last one

  1. Your new bangs look very cute on you 🙂 I know how sad it is to have a friend leave – I hope he’ll come to visit a lot.

    And congrats on making it through a whole year in Sweden!

  2. I’m going to Stockholm this weekend actually 😛 I’m meeting some childhood friends 🙂 Next time I’ll go we have to meet up for a “fika” :)) I’ll let u know when I’m there 😛

    Super cute dress, and sorry to hear that a friend is leaving
    and wow- you’ve already been One year in Sweden? Thats crazy. Time flies by sooo fast !

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