My very own diamond shoes

I’ve been talking about them for a while, i wore them once, i admire them everyday… I think i have a crush on them. Im actually quite sure they love me back.


By the way people, can you believe i started to jog ? I did, i ran 25 min today…last time i ran that long was when i was 14 and my teacher made me. And the funniest part is that i love it ! We decided to train for a 10km race next summer. I’m on my way.

Tommorrow my friend Alice has invitations for the opening of an exhibition at Fotografiska called “Fashion”… the dress code is of course “Fashion” ! We are so excited !


Voici enfin les merveilles que je me suis achetée en Irlande et que j’aime à la folie !

Je me suis mise à la course à pied ! Moi, qui ne cours qu’après mon train !!  25 min aujourd’hui ! On se prépare pour le 10km dans Södermalm en Aout prochain.

Sinon demain, Alice et moi allons à l’ouverture de l’exposition “Fashion” à Fotografiska…le “Dress code”…Fashion of course !!!!

6 thoughts on “My very own diamond shoes

  1. I have many pairs like that… But they are all stuck in the closet …Poor shoes…

    Ehh svenska var det ja… Lätt att fall in i engelskan.
    Nästa gång!

  2. Oh dear, I understand why you love them and why them love you back!!
    Enjoy at the exhibition! And jogging, too! I think I would start jogging too, maybe…!

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