ooo Paris.

In english:

Spent a week in Paris thanks to my job again. 3 days training and 4 days enjoying myself with my family and friends. It was LOVELY. Mom had taken days off as well and we wandered the streets of Paris for 3 days in a row, window shopping or shopping, enjoying “hot chocolate from Angelina” and “macarons” breaks, eating brunch rue de la Roquette and enjoying a manucure and a face massage. 


In french:

J’ai encore passé une semaine à Paris grâce à mon travail.  3 jours de formation et 4 jours de pure hédonisme entre amis et en famille. C’était d’un relaxant ! Mom avait pris quelques jours de repos et nous avons déambulé dans les rues de Paris, léchant les vitrines, ne nous arretant que pour un chocolat chaud Angelina, un macaron, un brunch rue de la Roquette, un massage et une manucure.

A swedish attempt:

Jag var i Paris i en vecka igen, tack vare mitt jobb. 3 dagar träning och 4 dagar av ren hedonism med mina vänner och min familj. Mamma hade tagit semester och vi promenerade i Paris: vi shoppade, njutade Angelinas varma choklad och macarons, åt brunch Rue de la Roquette, och fått ånsikt massage och manucure.


3 thoughts on “ooo Paris.

  1. Oooh, so much yummy food. Makes me want to go to a french cafe, eat macarons and pretend I’m actually in Paris!
    You and your mom are so cute.

  2. ooh Mo! you’re back 😀 😀
    i love macaroons and the place just looks lovely.
    Such a cute picture 🙂
    i love spending time with my mom, don’t you?

    Remind me, what do you do again? If i’m not mistaken it has something to do with diplomats?

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