Follow the white rabbits

In english: My friend Alice turned 25 on February 19th. She is an Alice in Wonderland fan. She loves it so much actually that she decided to get a tatoo for her bday. She get “Follow the white rabbit” on her rib. It was my first time in a tatoo store and it was extremely impressive. I could NEVER do that.

And to go with it, we decided to throw her a “rabbit” theme party.


En francais: mon amie Alice à eu 25 ans le 19 février. Elle est fan d’Alice au pays des merveilles. A tel point qu’elle a décidé de s’offrir un tatouage pour son anniversaire qui dit “Follow the white rabbit”. Et nous, nous avons décidé de lui organiser une fête sur le thème des lapins blancs.

some people really got into it

A swedish attempt: min vän följde 25 den 19 februari. Hon är en Alice i Wonderland beundrare. Sa mycket att hon bestämde att fa en tatuering som säger “Follow the white rabbit” för hennes födelsedagen. Och vi, bestämde att organisera en fest med de tema “vita kaniner”!

2 thoughts on “Follow the white rabbits

  1. I love bunny rabbits, Alice in Wonderland and the costumes. Alice’s birthday party looks like it was fun. Belatedly, happy birthday, Alice. Another blogger I follow, Zoe, is another Alice in Wonderland fan.

    After reading the title “Follow The White Rabbits and then reading that Alice had that tattooed on her rib, I couldn’t help but thing of the movie “The Matrix” where the words “Follow the white rabbit” show up on Neo’s computer screen and then a woman with a tattoo of a white rabbit on the back of her shoulder shows up at his door.

    Love the photos of the fun bunny themed birthday party.

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