The Eurovision Song Contest

I think we all know the Eurovision. In France, nobody really cares, it’s just too old fashion. Here in Sweden, it’s a serious matter. This year, our dear Eric Saade represented Sweden. Of course we were 100% behind him and had organized a big Eurovision party with everyone gathered in front of the TV at Alice’s awesome appartement (view over the river lake AND the City hall). We had diner and then screamed and cheered for Eric until we lost our voices. There was a few minutes when we were sure he would win. And then…then Azebaïdjan happened. I mean…i don’t wanna be rude but…WTF !!??? Damn we were pissed. That’s when we decided it was time to stuff ourselves with the 25 cupcakes we had ordered from Camelia´s cupcakes for the ocasion.


One thought on “The Eurovision Song Contest

  1. I’m jealous of the apartment… and the cupcakes.

    By the way that is not a river…It’s lake Mälaren

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